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5 common causes of disability

There are so many ways that Americans can become disabled and unable to perform their job duties, but some are more prevalent than others. This article will discuss five of the most common sources of disability in the United States arthritis, back other problems related to joints and muscles, heart disease and stroke, cancer and mental health problems.

Veterans' Affairs fails to use $1.9 billion in health care money

The private health care program of the Veterans Health Administration was recently audited, and it was discovered that in 2013, the department did not spend 40 percent of its budget money earmarked for care given outside the VA. That 40 percent amounts to $1.9 billion.

Education and career services benefits for veterans

Even a highly decorated veteran with decades of service will have a hard time becoming a civilian again. Indeed, even though it's a lot easier in many respects, the civilian world can be challenging to veterans who have grown accustomed to the regimented and highly organized life of military service. In this respect, benefits like the GI bill are not just a perk: they are a necessary part of transitioning back to the life of a civilian, which can be difficult.

The Disability Process

Each disability case follows a 5 step process set out by the federal government. The first step is to determine if a person is working at SGA (substantial gainful activity). Generally, in order to be eligible for disability there needs to be a 12-month period in your application period in which you were not making SGA. Substantial gainful activity changes with the year but for 2015 it was $1090. Therefore, there needs to be a 12-month period in which a person consistently made less than $1090 every month. There are some circumstances where making more than SGA can be explained legally, however, they are on a case by case basis.

What Happens at a Hearing

Getting ready for a disability hearing can be a very stressful experience. Many people are not familiar court. Disability hearings are usually more informal than typical hearings. The judge might be wearing a robe, the judge will formally admit records into evidence and swear people to tell the truth but other than that, they can be informal.


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