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Filing Your SSDI Application: Mistakes to Avoid

The Social Security Administration rejects approximately two of every three initial Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) applications it receives. That is a difficult statistic to swallow, especially when many individuals who apply for SSDI are dealing with financial strain in addition to their disabilities.

What are some of the mistakes people make when they apply for Social Security Disability benefits? How can you avoid making those mistakes?

Not defining your limitations: Many people do not spend enough time describing the limitations caused by their disabilities. They may say that they cannot walk, but that isn't enough to win an SSDI case. Instead, applicants should discuss their limitations in detail. How long can you stand up or sit down? How often do you have to readjust your position?

Not enough medical evidence: This is perhaps the number one mistake that individuals make when applying for SSDI. The SSA's Bluebook lists a number of disabilities and illnesses that SSDI can cover. Unfortunately, simply showing that a doctor believes you have the disability or illness is not enough. Instead, you must be able to show the extent of your disability through medical records.

Changing addresses without notifying the SSA: Some people will move without letting the SSA know where they can be reached. If the SSA cannot find you, they will deny your application.

Not meeting the qualifications: Will your disability last more than one year or is it terminal? Have you stopped working? Are you unable to continue working? Did you work enough to pay into the Social Security system? Did you seek medical treatment consistently? If the answer is "no" to any of these questions, you will not qualify for SSDI.

Quitting: It can take up to two years to receive Social Security Disability Insurance benefits. That's a very long time for people who are suffering, especially when applicants may need to go through multiple stages of appeal. Don't give up. If you have a good case, it is worth fighting for financial relief.

Not hiring an attorney: While hiring an SSDI lawyer is not necessary, having an attorney on your side can help improve your chances of receiving SSDI. An SSDI lawyer can help you provide the right documentation of your illness / disability as well as meet the specific requirements required in this difficult process.

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