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What information do you need to report to Social Security?

Life changes frequently. It seems like there is always something to report to some agency. Social Security is no different. What life changes do you need to report to the Social Security Administration? Can any of these changes affect how much Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) you receive?

You must make a report to the SSA when you are receiving SSDI if:

  • You begin work, including self-employment - you must report this information no matter how little you earn, including the number of hours you would like to work and the duration of the work
  • You are eligible for the Ticket to Work Program
  • You receive a pension from work that is not covered by Social Security
  • You apply for and receive other disability benefits or lump-sum settlements, or if previous benefits stop
  • You can no longer manage your benefits
  • You move
  • Someone else in the household begins to receive benefits
  • You change your bank accounts or your name
  • You marry, divorce or have a child
  • A child you care for receives benefits
  • There is an outstanding warrant for your arrest, you are convicted of a crime or you violate parole or probation
  • You leave the U.S. on a trip that lasts 30 or more days
  • Your citizenship status changes
  • A beneficiary dies

You can make a report to the SSA through the mail, by phone or in person. The SSA will explain the changes to you, and you can speak with an experienced SSDI lawyer to better understand how each life change can affect your SSDI benefits.

Source: Social Security, "What You Need to Know When You Get Social Security Disability Benefits: What You Must Report to Us," April 2011.

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