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Keep an eye on your SSD benefits!

Previously this year, the Social Security Administration (SSA) stated that it was planning on phasing out paper SSD checks to comply with a new federal rule. This means that more Social Security checks are being automatically deposited into bank accounts than ever before. The convenience is great, but there is also a risk, which was highlighted by CCN money this week: identity scams.

Which Program is Which? Untangling Social Security

When most people hear about Social Security, their first thought is of the retirement program and the challenges it faces. Some are surprised to hear that they can collect Social Security before they retire if they are forced to stop working because of a disability.

Subsequent Disability Claims: Can You Apply for SSD Again?

Some people go their whole lives without becoming disabled. Some are disabled to the point that they must stop working. Still others face multiple disabilities during their lifetimes, causing frequent trips not only to the doctor, but also to the SSA office for disability benefits.

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