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Common Questions About SSDI (II)

Last week, we began to answer common questions about Social Security Disability. We continue the discussion this week.

Can I work when I receive SSDI?

Some people can work while they receive SSDI. One of the requirements for SSDI, however, is that your disability prevents you from working. Typically, people can receive SSDI while working during a trial work period. This period allows SSDI recipients to test if they can work with their disability. If successful, they may receive SSDI for 36 more months following the trial work period.

Do I need to pay income tax on SSDI?

If your income is more than $25,000 (filing as an individual) or more than $32,000 (filing a joint tax return), you will need to pay taxes on your Social Security benefits. State governments do not tax Social Security benefits.

How can I check the status of my application?

You can find out whether the Social Security Administration has received your Social Security Disability application, if the SSA would like additional documents from you, and whether a decision has been made on your application by clicking here.

Can I apply for both early retirement benefits and disability benefits?

Yes. These two programs are not mutually exclusive. The Social Security Benefit Application is an all-encompassing application that establishes a claim for retirement insurance benefits as well as disability benefits.

There are specific, somewhat complex, rules about how the programs work with each other and whether a disabled person will receive full retirement benefits or not. Therefore, it is wise to speak with an attorney before you apply for benefits.

Can I receive SSDI if I have disability insurance?

Yes. Your private disability insurance will not impact your SSDI claim. Workers' compensation and other public disability payments may, however, affect the amount of SSDI you receive.

Learn more about SSDI by visiting our webpage on Social Security Disability benefits.

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