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Which Program is Which? Untangling Social Security

When most people hear about Social Security, their first thought is of the retirement program and the challenges it faces. Some are surprised to hear that they can collect Social Security before they retire if they are forced to stop working because of a disability.

This is because Social Security is not just one program. The Social Security Administration runs multiple programs, including the Social Security retirement program (the Old-Age program), the survivors benefits program and the disability insurance program (SSDI). The retirement program covers 70 percent of Social Security payments.

Widows or widowers of individuals who were eligible for Social Security benefits can, in many cases, receive a portion of those benefits or, at retirement age, the full amount.

Social Security Disability is a smaller program that represents 15 percent of Social Security payments. Approximately 11 million people receive SSD payments in 2012. It is available to individuals who have worked Social Security-eligible jobs and have disabilities expected to last at least a year (or be terminal) and prevent them from working.

Those who receive SSDI will continue to receive Social Security payments in retirement.

Social Security can seem like a complex program, but with the help of an experienced SSDI attorney, it is navigable. For those with disabilities, the greatest hurdle is the SSDI application - how can you prove to the Social Security Administration that your disability falls under their definition of disability? An SSDI lawyer can ensure that you provide the SSA with the information they need to make a proper decision in your case.

Learn more about SSDI by visiting our pages on Social Security Disability benefits.

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