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I have diabetes. Can I apply for SSDI?

Social Security Disability Insurance is available for certain people with diabetes. SSDI is a monthly cash benefit that the government gives to people (including those under 65) whose disabilities make it impossible for them to work.

Some people with diabetes will qualify for SSDI while others will not. It depends on the severity of your diabetes and its impact on your work. Your diabetes must meet the Social Security Administration's definition of diabetes. Furthermore, you must have worked long enough in jobs that pay into Social Security in order to be eligible for disability benefits.

Do you meet the SSA's definition of disability?

Not everyone's diabetes meets the SSA's definition of disability. In order to be eligible for SSDI, you must have a severe condition that interferes with basic work activities and makes it impossible for you to work your previous job or adjust to another job. That condition must be expected to last at least a year or be terminal.

Diabetes mellitus (DM) is listed under the Social Security Listing of Impairments. It falls under the Endocrine Disorders - 9.00 category. The SSA states that a person has a disability if he or she has been diagnosed with diabetes mellitus and he or she faces acute and long-term complications of hyperglycemia and/or hypoglycemia that affect other bodily systems and whose impacts fall under the SSA definition of disability.

Determining whether the symptoms of your diabetes are severe enough to be considered disabling under the SSA definition of disability is difficult. There are many factors involved. An experienced SSDI lawyer can help you evaluate your disability and ensure that you provide the SSA with adequate documentation of your disability.

Source: Social Security Online, Disability Evaluation Under Social Security, "9.00 Endocrine Disorders - Adult," 2011.

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