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Researchers suggest aspirin use may lead to severe vision loss

In Minnesota, many workers suffer from vision problems. When you are in your next meeting at work, just take a look around the room to see how many people are wearing glasses. Chances are many other coworkers in the room are wearing contacts. Unless someone is considered to be legally blind, vision problems usually don't interfere with workers' abilities to do their jobs safely and well.

Deadline to sign up for electronic disability payments is March 1

Since May 2011, the government has been trying to cut spending by encouraging Social Security recipients to have their monthly payments deposited directly into their bank accounts or to have their payments loaded onto prepaid debit cards each month instead of receiving their benefits in the mail.

Many SSI claims denied for not effectively proving disabilities

Minnesota residents who are disabled and have limited financial resources may be eligible to obtain Supplemental Security Income benefits. However, just because an individual is eligible to obtain benefits does not mean that he or she will receive disability benefits. This is because the Social Security Administration requires folks to prove that they have a disability, and proving that one is indeed disabled can be a challenging task.

Brain injuries may not increase victims' risk of dementia, study says

When folks in Minnesota suffer a traumatic brain injury, it is extremely important that they get medical treatment as soon as possible in order to prevent the injury from causing permanent or long-term damage.

Will the FDA approve chronic fatigue syndrome medication?

Individuals who suffer from conditions that are difficult to document also struggle with getting the right medical treatment they may need to help them cope with their physical and mental pain and suffering.

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