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Backlog for disability claims filed by veterans exceeds 820,000

Minnesota residents who have served our country overseas and workers who have spent years supporting their families may feel completely helpless when they learn that they have a disability that will prevent them from being able to continue protecting our country or from working to support their spouses and children. Although disabled veterans and workers may feel helpless and stressed about such significant changes in their health and lives, they should be able to rely on disability benefits to help them pay for living and medical expenses.

Study: Childhood obesity may increase risk of multiple sclerosis

It is never easy for anyone to receive news that they have a major illness or debilitating disease. When a doctor tells you that you have a serious disease like multiple sclerosis, a sense of panic may engulf you at first, but after the initial shock wears off, you may start to wonder about your finances and the well-being of those who depend on your ability to work for support.

Woman finally gets disability benefits approved after 12-year fight

As we age, we may notice that shoveling snow after another Minnesota winter storm may be harder on our backs than it used to be, and we may realize that it doesn't take much activity for us to lose our breath and become tired more easily. Aging is a part of life, and we simply must accept that some tasks will become a little more challenging, but as long as we are in good health our bodies should still be able to do a lot.

Woman may lose SSDI and SSI benefits due to 'miscalculation'

Do you think you could support two children and yourself by making only $9 per hour at a part-time job in Minneapolis? Even with inexpensive housing and cutting other costs like owning a car and going out to eat, making only $9 an hour at a part-time job may make it extremely challenging for families to make ends meet each month.

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