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Disabling mental conditions: Severe depression can be unbearable

Suffering from depression may be just as disabling as other physical ailments. And severe depression may even lead to physical impairments, including chronic pain and muscle weakness. Although some workers in Minneapolis may be able to overcome their depression by seeking help from their doctors, others may barely be able to get out of bed each day.

NBA player with MS still winning on the court

As we have mentioned before on our Minneapolis Social Security disability law blog, multiple sclerosis is a serious and chronic condition that may cause some folks to become permanently disabled well before their retirement years.

Government makes it easier for the disabled to apply for jobs

Disabilities and impairments suffered from an injury or illness may not always be permanent or prevent workers from ever being able to return to the workforce in Minnesota. Some physical or mental impairments may only severely affect workers for a few months or years. And in some cases, workers discover that there are other jobs they can do, even when they do suffer from serious injuries or medical conditions that may prevent them from returning to any of the previous jobs they held.

Disabling Injuries: March is National Brain Injury Awareness Month

As we have mentioned before on our Minneapolis Social Security Disability blog, traumatic brain injuries may lead to severe and permanent disabilities, especially when brain injuries are not properly diagnosed or treated. In order to create more awareness about the serious short-term and long-term consequences of brain injuries in the U.S., March has been designated as National Brain Injury Awareness Month.

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