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Treatment for brain disease may prevent severe disabilities

When Minnesota workers suffer from disabling mental disorders, it is important that individuals be completely honest with their doctors when discussing their symptoms and the effects their symptoms are having on their lives.

New program hopes to improve outcomes for disabled children

Last month on our Social Security disability law blog, we had mentioned that children in Minnesota who have severe impairments that will affect them for at least one year may be eligible to receive Supplemental Security Income benefits. These benefits are offered based on need, and SSI benefits for children help families to pay for their disabled children's living expenses and medical needs.

Cancer and disability: Making ends meet when fighting the disease

When Minnesotans suffer from aggressive forms of cancer, they may need to undergo months of intense medical treatments. Going through treatment and recovering from surgeries can be physically and emotionally exhausting, making it difficult for cancer patients to get out of bed each day. And side effects from treatments can also cause patients to experience additional pain and other medical problems. For some cancer victims, going to work while undergoing treatments is simply not an option.

Man has surgery after disabling condition is finally diagnosed

One man who has been living with an awkward and disabling medical condition for the past five years was finally able to undergo surgery that should allow him to live a normal life once he recovers. The man has been collecting disability benefits for the last several years because his condition was so disabling that he could not work.

Can disabled military members receive SSDI and veterans benefits?

The month of May is here already, although it may not seem like it in certain parts of Minnesota today. This month many Minnesotans may be looking forward to celebrating Mother's Day, graduations, weddings and Memorial Day. These are important holidays and celebrations, but some folks may not realize that the month of May is also celebrated as National Military Appreciation Month.

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