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Man has surgery after disabling condition is finally diagnosed

One man who has been living with an awkward and disabling medical condition for the past five years was finally able to undergo surgery that should allow him to live a normal life once he recovers. The man has been collecting disability benefits for the last several years because his condition was so disabling that he could not work.

The man suffered from a condition that had caused his scrotum to swell. Over the years, the man's scrotum swelled from the size of a soccer ball to a 134-pound mass, making it extremely difficult for the man to walk. The man went from doctor to doctor, desperate for a diagnosis and cure. However, doctors did not know what was causing the man's scrotum to swell and stretch.

Finally, the man sought help from a completely different audience. The man contacted Howard Stern, radio host of "The Howard Stern Show." The man then sought help from listeners, asking for donations so that he could see a doctor who might be able to diagnose his condition and remove the bulging mass.

Last month, the man finally underwent an operation to have the 134-pound mass removed. The operation was performed by a surgeon who had come across a picture of the disabled man. After seeing the man's photo and contacting him, the surgeon was able to diagnose the man's condition. The disabled man learned that he had been suffering from scrotal lymphedema. This is a condition that causes lymphatic fluid to build up inside the scrotum.

Because the man's only source of income has been his disability benefits, the surgeon offered to perform the surgery for free. With the money he received from donations from listeners of "The Howard Stern Show," the man was able to travel to California to have the 13-hour operation performed on April 8. The man is still recovering from his operation in a nursing home. He says that he has been saving his disability checks to help cover the expenses of his recovery.

If you suffer from a condition that is preventing you from being able to work, you may be eligible to obtain disability benefits. To learn more about obtaining Social Security Disability Insurance benefits for an illness, do not hesitate to reach out to an attorney who has experience protecting the rights of disabled workers in Minnesota.

Source: ABC News, "Man has surgery for 134-pound scrotum," Katie Moisse, May 7, 2013

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