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Are judges pressed to approve Social Security Disability claims?

It is well-known that the Social Security backlog has been holding disability applicants back from getting the rapid access to the benefits they deserve. According to some judges, this backlog has resulted in pressure from the Social Security Administration for them to approve more disability claims, even for some applicants who may not necessarily qualify for benefits if they were more carefully vetted.

Brain tissue bank set up to further research of TBI in soldiers

One type of injury that has been getting an increasing amount of attention as of late are traumatic brain injuries. Such brain injuries can have many effects on a person. For example, traumatic brain injuries can sometimes impair a person's ability to perform certain tasks. Thus, traumatic brain injuries can impact a person's ability to work. One action an individual will sometimes take when they have a traumatic brain injury that impairs their ability to work is to pursue Social Security Disability benefits.

Study: sleep problems plague some rheumatoid arthritis sufferers

There are many different types of diseases that can impact a person's ability to work. One such disease is rheumatoid arthritis. Rheumatoid arthritis can have a wide variety of negative effects on its victims. A recent study indicates that one of the things rheumatoid arthritis sometimes causes its victims to experience are sleeping problems.

Study: 42 percent of poultry workers show signs of carpal tunnel

Disabilities affect Minnesotans in a variety of ways. Some people are born with disabilities due to medical conditions or medical errors. Others may become disabled after suffering a severe brain or spinal cord injury in an accident. An illness, such as cancer, may force workers to leave their jobs so they can focus on getting the medical treatment they need to fight their illness. And some medical conditions, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, may worsen over time and gradually make it more difficult for Minnesotans to function normally at work.

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