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Study finds link between genetic deletion and schizophrenia risk

There are many different mental disorders. One such disorder is schizophrenia. Schizophrenia can be very impactful on its victims.

Recently, a study was conducted looking at schizophrenia and genetics. The study was conducted by researchers from several different institutions and it was recently published in "Nature Neuroscience" (specifically, in the online edition of this journal).

The study looked at the genetic data of a fairly isolated population in Finland that has shown a particular susceptibility to schizophrenia. In the review of this genetic data, the researchers found that individuals that had a certain genetic deletion involving the gene TOP3B had an increased likelihood of having certain mental disorders, including schizophrenia.

Thus, the study's results indicate that there is some sort of link between this genetic alteration and increased schizophrenia risk. It will be interesting to see what future studies are conducted on this link and the general topic of schizophrenia and genetics, and what findings such studies reach. A greater understanding of the genetic underpinnings of schizophrenia could help researchers understand more about the disorder and how to best address it.

Schizophrenia can have many effects. One impact this disorder can have on a person is a limitation or complete loss of the ability to work.

If a person has had their ability to work impacted by schizophrenia or another mental disorder, there may be options available to them for seeking relief. An experienced Social Security Disability benefits attorney can help a person find out what such options are available to them and can help a person navigate the complicated process of pursuing such options.

Source: UCLA Newsroom, "Team finds gene mutation that increases risk of schizophrenia, learning impairment," Mark Wheeler, Aug. 5, 2013

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