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Could CPAP help PTSD victims?

When one thinks of post traumatic stress disorder, one probably thinks of soldiers. While there are many soldiers who suffer from this condition, it is important to note that this condition is not limited to individuals in this profession. PTSD can strike individuals from all different walks of life, as there are a wide variety of different traumatic events that can lead to a person suffering from this condition.

One impact that PTSD can have on its victims is that it can affect their sleep. PTSD sufferers sometimes experience terrible nightmares. Such nightmares can prevent a PTSD victim from getting the sleep that they need. Sleep problems can have wide-ranging implications for a person.

A recent study indicates that a device that is generally used to address a different medical condition (sleep apnea) may be able to help PTSD sufferers when it comes to nightmares. The device in question is a CPAP machine.

The study is being conducted by a sleep specialist. The study looks at PTSD sufferers who use a CPAP machine. The study has found that use of the machine seems to lead to a reduction in nightmare symptoms for PTSD sufferers.

Reductions in nightmare symptoms could be incredibly beneficial to PTSD sufferers. Thus, it will be interesting to see if further research confirms what the study is indicating.

Nightmares are one of the many things PTSD sufferers can face. The various effects of PTSD can have many impacts on a person's life, including loss of the ability to work. If a person's ability to work has been affected by PTSD or another mental condition, the person may wish to consider meeting with an experienced Social Security Disability benefits attorney to see if there are any relief-seeking options available to them.

Source: NECN, "Studies show sleep apnea machine can relieve some PTSD symptoms," Sept. 14, 2013 

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