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Study: music could help those with heart disease

When one thinks of things that can help improve recovery from serious medical conditions, one's mind might immediately go to complex and expensive treatments. However, sometimes, simple things can help in the recovery process.

For example, a recent study indicates that listening to music (particularly when done in addition to exercise) can help individuals who suffer from heart disease.

The study was conducted by researchers in Europe. The subjects of the study were 74 individuals with heart disease.

In the study, the researchers split these individuals into three groups. The researchers had the individuals of one of the groups take exercise classes, the individuals in another of the groups not take such classes and instead spend 30 minutes a day listening to music (the individuals could pick whatever music they liked) and the individuals in the third group both take the classes and listen to music.

During the study, the researchers tracked the heart function and the exercise capacity of the members of these three groups. The researchers found that the individuals who both took the exercise classes and listened to music showed great improvement in both exercise capacity and heart function. Notably, this group showed a larger improvement in exercise function than the individuals who just took the exercise classes.

All three groups showed some improvement in exercise function.

Thus, the study seems to indicate that there is a link between listening to music one likes and improved recovery from heart disease. What is behind this link? The study's researchers postulate that the hormones that are released when we listen to music that we enjoy have something to do with this link. It will be interesting to see if future studies are conducted regarding this link.

One hopes that researchers will continue to look at ways, both simple and complex, to help individuals who suffer from heart disease.

Heart disease can have many effects on a person, such as causing them to lose the ability to work. If a person has lost the ability to have gainful employment due to heart disease, they may have options available to them to seek financial help. Thus, if a person has had their ability to work impacted by heart disease, they may wish to consider speaking with an experienced disability attorney.

Source: The Telegraph, "Listening to music is good for the heart," Laura Donnelly, Sept. 1, 2013

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