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October 2013 Archives

Could flu shot help reduce risk of developing heart problems?

Sadly, individuals here in Minnesota sometimes experience heart problems. Heart problems can be a very scary thing. There are a wide variety of worries a person may have after experiencing a heart problem, such as worries about their future health, their ability to earn a livable income and their long-term and short-term financial situation.

Back pain on the rise for young adults

Back pain is a terrible thing to have to live with. Thus, a recent trend regarding back pain is rather discouraging. This trend is that there has been an increase in back pain among adults in the 18-24 age group.

Federal initiative aimed at children who receive SSI

One type of disability benefit are Supplemental Security Income benefits. SSI benefits are need-based disability benefits. Thus, income level and total assets are a couple of the things that are looked at when determining eligibility for SSI.

Study looks at potential causes of Crohn's disease

Conditions that affect a person's gastrointestinal system can be very impactful on a person. There are many such conditions. One is Crohn's disease. Crohn's disease can lead to a person suffering a variety of symptoms, including pain, diarrhea and abscesses. Such symptoms can have many negative implications for a person, including negative implications regarding their ability to work. Thus, individuals with this condition may find themselves facing financial difficulties. Depending on the circumstances, individuals with this condition may be eligible for Social Security Disability benefits or other disability benefits.

Actress reveals that she was diagnosed with autism as a kid

Recently, a famous actress publicly revealed that, when she was a kid, she was given an autism diagnosis. The actress in question is Daryl Hannah. Hannah is 52. During her career, she has starred in many movies, including "Wall Street" and "Splash."

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