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Back pain on the rise for young adults

Back pain is a terrible thing to have to live with. Thus, a recent trend regarding back pain is rather discouraging. This trend is that there has been an increase in back pain among adults in the 18-24 age group.

A healthcare provider recently conducted a survey regarding back pain and, among survey respondents in this age group, 84 percent said that they had experienced back pain within the past year. This is an alarmingly high number.

Is this increase in back pain a temporary thing for this age group or will these individuals continue to experience high occurrence levels of back pain as they grow older? One wonders what the answer to this important question will ultimately turn out to be.

There is another question that arises in connection to the recent trend regarding back pain and young adults: what is causing this trend? As is often the case when it comes to these things, there have been multiple theories brought forward. One is that the use of things like smart phones is causing posture problems that are leading to this increase in the occurrence of back pain. Given how prevalent use of these devices has become, this is a somewhat worrisome postulation. One wonders if any studies will be conducted regarding this theory in the near future.

Regardless of cause, back pain can have staggering impacts on a person. Back pain is sometimes severe enough that it significantly cuts into a person's ability to work. This can be financially devastating for a person.

Thankfully, there are disability programs in place, such as the Social Security program, that are aimed at providing relief to individuals who have injuries or conditions that have caused a loss in the ability to work. If a person has become unable to work due to back pain or another injury/condition, they should consider having a discussion with a disability attorney about whether they are eligible for such programs.

Source: FOX2now.com, "Smart phones cause back pain in young adults," John Pertzborn, Oct. 21, 2013

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