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Could flu shot help reduce risk of developing heart problems?

Sadly, individuals here in Minnesota sometimes experience heart problems. Heart problems can be a very scary thing. There are a wide variety of worries a person may have after experiencing a heart problem, such as worries about their future health, their ability to earn a livable income and their long-term and short-term financial situation.

Another major thing that a person who has had a heart problem may be worried about is experiencing further heart troubles. Additional heart problems can be devastating to a person who has had heart trouble.

A recent study indicates that a relatively simple step could perhaps reduce the likelihood of a person who has experienced heart problems developing additional heart troubles. The step in question is getting a flu shot.

The study was conducted by researchers in Canada and it looked at data from previous studies. The previous studies involved giving some subjects the flu shot and others a placebo and then tracking the health of the subjects.

In the review of the data from the past studies, the new study found that for subjects that had a recent heart problem, there was a rather large difference in the occurrence rate of additional heart troubles in the year following the giving of the flu shot or the placebo between the individuals who were given the flu shot and those who were given the placebo. The occurrence rate for the ones who were given the placebo was 23 percent while the occurrence rate for the ones who were given the flu shot was only 10 percent.

What could be behind these results? Well, it is thought that the flu could increase the risk of developing heart trouble, so the flu shot could potentially be lowering the risk of developing heart problems by reducing the risk of developing the flu. One wonders if further studies will be conducted regarding the connection between the flu shot and the potential of reduced heart problem risk.

Source: Reuters, "Flu shots may help guard against heart problems," Andrew M. Seaman, Oct. 22, 2013

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