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Study looks at potential causes of Crohn's disease

Conditions that affect a person's gastrointestinal system can be very impactful on a person. There are many such conditions. One is Crohn's disease. Crohn's disease can lead to a person suffering a variety of symptoms, including pain, diarrhea and abscesses. Such symptoms can have many negative implications for a person, including negative implications regarding their ability to work. Thus, individuals with this condition may find themselves facing financial difficulties. Depending on the circumstances, individuals with this condition may be eligible for Social Security Disability benefits or other disability benefits.

Recently, a study was conducted regarding Crohn's disease. The study was published in "Nature." The study was conducted by researchers from Harvard University and the University of Cambridge.

The study was aimed at learning more about what mechanisms might be behind the development of Crohn's disease. The study made a couple of findings. It found that disorders of a certain type of intestinal cell, Paneth cells, might be behind one type of Crohn's disease, small intestinal Crohn's disease. It also found that certain impacts of defects in a cellular process called autophagy may result in Crohn's disease developing.

Thus, this study provided some insights into potential causes of Crohn's disease. The researchers hope that learning more about the mechanisms behind Crohn's disease will help lead to the development of improved treatment options for the condition. It will be interesting to see what future studies are conducted regarding the mechanisms behind the development of Crohn's disease and what discoveries such studies yield.

Source: Science Daily, "Specialized Intestinal Cells Cause Some Cases of Crohn's Disease," Oct. 2, 2013

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