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Depression and insomnia

Millions of Americans suffer from depression. This mental condition can have many effects, such as impacting a person's: drive, ability to interact with others and ability to handle stress. These impacts can make working challenging and potentially even an impossibility. Thus, depression can be a truly life-altering mental condition.

Brain image database being developed regarding chronic pain

A research database is currently being developed which is focused on chronic pain. Chronic pain can affect many different parts of the body and can have significant impacts on a person. One thing researchers have been looking at more and more as of recent in relation to chronic pain is the relationship between chronic pain and the brain. One of the goals of the database is to provide a resource for research into this connection.

Home adaption can help make homes safer for disabled individuals

There are many different impacts that a disability can have on a person. One is that it can cause a person to have certain accessibility needs and safety concerns regarding their home that they didn't previously have.

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