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How does Social Security disability assist workers at age 62?

In Minnesota and elsewhere, workers who have been disabled and can no longer work in their desired careers may want to look into other options. One thing that should be considered is how the Social Security disability benefits can be used near retirement age.

The first thing to know is that using disability payments is not uncommon at all. By way of comparison, look at the fact that about 4.3 million people in the United States are on welfare. This number seems large until you know that about 14 million people get disability benefits.

Age is very important in any case. Disability benefits can be given to someone until they officially reach retirement age, making up for the wages they are missing out on. For example, if the person is 62 and their retirement age is 66, they can get the payments until then. The amount of money that they get will not be reduced during that time.

This is different than those who are not disabled, which is why the classification is important. Those who are not disabled may also decide to look into their benefits, perhaps even putting in the application, when they are 62. If they do, they may have to accept less money than they would otherwise be given, and this reduction could even be permanent.

When a disabled person hits retirement age, though, they can then get the full value of their retirement benefits. In essence, the law just works to give disabled workers that full value sooner than they could otherwise get it, giving them the assistance that they require when they need it.

Source: Forbes, "Social Security Q&A: What Social Security Disability Insurance Options Are Open to People with Disabilities?" Laurence Kotlikoff, Sep. 04, 2014

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