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What benefits can veterans receive in Minnesota?

Those who have served the United States by joining the armed forces could be facing a number of issues when returning from deployment. These could be social issues, financial issues and medical or health-related issues. No matter what the case looks like, veterans in Minnesota need to make sure that they know exactly what benefits they can request.

The link between illness and social security in Minnesota

Many people in Minnesota know that they may be able to collect social security due to disabilities or due to their age, but it is important to understand that it can also be collected, in some cases, because of illness. These illnesses may be viewed in a similar light to disabilities, due to the fact that they are severe and can change what a person is able to do.

Mental impairment that can lead to disability claims

People who have various impairments may be able to seek social security disability claims to get the money that they need. This could include mental impairments, such as schizophrenic disorders, paranoia, or other similar psychotic disorders.

Have SSI benefits changed greatly over time?

Supplemental Security Income was established in 1974. It was originally meant to help the elderly by giving them a bit more than just Social Security. However, it has emerged as an antipoverty program, with 86 percent of those receiving SSI due to some sort of disability.

Are Social Security Disability Benefits Taxable?

When clients have severe, long-term illnesses or injuries that prevent them from working, Midwest Disability can help. Our experienced attorneys help clients in Minnesota and the Midwest obtain the Social Security Disability benefits they need and answer their many questions about the application process and what happens when clients obtain benefits. One common question is whether Social Security Disability benefits are taxable.

3 Veterans Affairs whistleblowers complaints settled

Earlier this year, whistleblowers who worked at a Veteran's Affairs hospital in another state blew the lid off of a scandal involving our nation's veterans. When the whistleblowers were done filing their complaints about financial mismanagement by higher-ups, long appointment wait times and cover-ups of waiting lists that showed the appointment delays, they say they experienced retaliation.


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