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Mental impairment that can lead to disability claims

People who have various impairments may be able to seek social security disability claims to get the money that they need. This could include mental impairments, such as schizophrenic disorders, paranoia, or other similar psychotic disorders.

In order for these claims to be made, it has to be shown that the symptoms have shown up and made it impossible for the person to function, in a mental sense, at the level that they once did. These are typically considered to be disorders that cause deterioration, meaning that things are gradually going to get worse without treatment.

Some of the symptoms of these disorders, though they may manifest themselves differently from one person to the next, include delusions and hallucinations. They could also include catatonic behavior or other behavior that is considered to be seriously disorganized. This could stem from illogical thinking and actions, general incoherence or emotional withdrawal, among other things.

These things could all combine to make it so that a person cannot function properly in a social setting. They could also simply restrict someone's ability to live in a normal, day-to-day fashion that is healthy.

In some cases, a medical history will need to be established that shows that the disorder has been around for two years. Even if a person is taking medication to fight the symptoms, this history can be established.

It is very important for those who have been diagnosed with mental disorders to know what legal options they have and what benefits they are entitled to receive. This is especially true if they think they have been unfairly denied those benefits in Minnesota.

Source: www.ssa.gov, "12.03 Schizophrenic, paranoid and other psychotic disorders" Oct. 13, 2014

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