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What is the recent work test for Social Security disability?

If you want to collect Social Security disability payments in Minnesota, you must first meet the earning requirements. Only if you meet them will you be able to collect, so it is very important to know what they are and the legal weight that they hold in this process.

Nightmare bureaucracy for man with veterans disability issues

A man who fought in the Vietnam War has been thrown into a terrible position regarding the benefits he was given from the government. He started out getting his VA pension, but then he was involved in a motorcycle accident - caused by a drunk driver. His head-first flight through the car's window gave him brain damage that caused him to lose his job.

SSI benefits information everyone should know

The process of applying for Social Security Income befits can feel confusing and daunting, but perhaps the hardest part about it is not knowing what to expect. In this regard, the following info will be very helpful to Minneapolis residents who are planning to receive SSI benefits.

Triple benefits for some veterans with war-related injuries

According to a recent report, it seems some war veterans are receiving more benefits than others by way of military retirement pay, veterans benefits and Social Security disability benefits. If it sounds like some kind of scam, fear not, it's perfectly legal and many veterans don't see a problem with what is going on. In fact, various veterans groups around the country maintain that the recipients of these triple benefits have earned the money for their years or even decades of service to the nation.


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