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SSI benefits information everyone should know

The process of applying for Social Security Income befits can feel confusing and daunting, but perhaps the hardest part about it is not knowing what to expect. In this regard, the following info will be very helpful to Minneapolis residents who are planning to receive SSI benefits.

First, you should know that before a successful applicant receives his or her first SSI check, the government will send out a notice detailing when payments will begin and the exact amount of those payments. The first payment received will be for the first month an individual becomes eligible to receive SSI or the first month after he or she initially applied.

It important to note that SSI benefits payments can change each month depending on one's income and/or living arrangements. The SSI administration will notify recipients in advance of any change in payment amount. For example, if an individual wins $100 in the lottery one month, his or her benefits could be reduced by that amount the following month. SSI benefits might also increase to reflect cost of living increases and inflation.

Sometimes, a change in benefits could have detrimental affects on a Minneapolis resident's finances and it might be unfair. If a change in benefits happens that an SSI benefits recipient does not agree with, then he or she can ask to have the case reviewed. Employing the services of a lawyer can prove helpful when challenging any decision that the Social Security Administration makes. Everyone has the right to retain a legal representative to advocate on their behalf with SSI personnel.

Source: Social Security Administration, "What You Need To Know When You Get Supplemental Security Income (SSI)" Nov. 10, 2014

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