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Social security benefits may not show up for years

Those who apply for Social Security disability benefits often would like to get these benefits right away. However, in Minnesota and elsewhere, it has been reported that it could take years for them to actually arrive.

One woman had exhausted all of her other options when she finally decided that Social Security was all that was left to her. She signed up, thinking that help would be on the way, but was then told that she would have to wait at least eight months, and that was just to get a hearing. The actual benefits would not show up, if she was approved, until after that.

All this time, she was struggling with an illness that she did not really understand. The symptoms seemed to be all over the board. Sometimes, she could not breathe very easily, and struggled just to draw breath. Other times, parts of her body would go numb, and this numbness was so complete that, if she had accidentally burned herself, she would not have felt the pain. Still other times, she found herself almost unable to walk.

The woman did end up going through the whole process and getting her benefits. However, it took her a year and a half -- 18 months -- to see those checks in the mail. Others have said that it takes even longer for them, with some reports putting the delay over the two-year mark.

If you are struggling with the Social Security process, make sure that you know exactly what steps to take to get your benefits as quickly as possible.

Source: Orange County Register, "Wait for Social Security disability benefits can be years long" Matthew Fleming, Dec. 08, 2014

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