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Is a Social Security disability claim rejection the end?

Thousands of Minnesota residents rely on their Social Security disability benefits every month. While some politicians are arguing that a lot of these people do not deserve benefits, there are also a lot of disabled persons who deserve benefits but their applications are continually denied.

Fortunately, there might be hope for some of these individuals. Indeed, just because your Social Security disability benefits claim was rejected does not mean that you cannot reapply and fix the noted discrepancies.

For example, in one recent case to hit the news, a 41-year-old mother contracted ALS disease seven years ago. Her husband and 12-year-old son have stayed by her side through it all, but the family has not been able to receive the Social Security disability benefits to help with the woman's health care costs. The woman's husband says that they are currently $30,000 in debt to a nursing company.

According to the Social Security disability administration, their claims for benefits have been rejected because the woman was 18 months shy of receiving the credits she required for benefits. However, she had to leave work because of her ALS symptoms. Ever since that day they have been having a hard time making economic ends meet.

The husband, however, was able to do one nice thing for his wife. He obtained 4,000 signatures, which helped him get an invitation for his family and him to appear in one of the Hobbit movies as extras. They were flown to New Zealand, had make-up put on and got to appear in the background of a scene from the movie.

After a news team got wind of their plight, the news agency called the Social Security office to see what they could do. Now, the Social Security disability office has agreed to reopen the couple's case and some of the former roadblocks have been removed. This case is an excellent example of how it is never too late to try to overcome a hurdle that presents itself when applying for Social Security disability.

Source: 11alive.com, "Husband fights to get Social Security benefits for wife with ALS" William J. Liss, Jan. 22, 2015

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