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What sources can I use to get my Social Security Disability docs?

A vital part of any Social Security disability claim involves the gathering of medical documentation to prove the applicant's impairment or disability. According to Social Security disability law, only certain sources of medical documentation are deemed acceptable, though, so it is important that Minneapolis SSD applicants know what these sources are in order to be successful in their applications.

First and foremost, applicants can obtain evidence of a medical disability from any licensed physician, osteopathic doctor or medical doctor. A certified or licensed psychologist is also an acceptable source of medical records. Included among acceptable psychologists are school psychologists, and similarly licensed individuals who perform the services of school psychologists. Psychological records can be used to establish a learning disability, intellectual disability or other issues.

Licensed optometrists for establishing disabilities related to vision are also acceptable. Podiatrist records can be used to show a debility relating to feet and ankles. Speech-language pathologist records can be used to show proof of a language or speech impairment. Speech therapists must be state-certified or have an American-Speech-Language-Hearing Association Certificate of Competence.

Applying for Social Security disability can represent a daunting task for any individual -- even those who are not suffering with the difficulties associated with living with a disability. However, the more information a Minneapolis resident has on the Social Security disability application process, especially with regard to the rules and procedures that relate to it, the more likely the person will prevail in getting the award for benefits that he or she may deserve. Indeed, knowledge is power and sometimes the smallest piece of information can mean the difference between a successful application and one that is denied.

Source: Social Security Administration, "Disability Evaluation Under Social Security" accessed Mar. 06, 2015

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