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World Series winner cannot get Social Security disability

Sixty-one-year-old ex-baseball star Brian Doyle has been having a difficult time getting approved for Social Security disability benefits. Indeed, the one-time World Series winner has found that wining the most important baseball tournament on the planet was actually a lot easier for him than getting approved for disability benefits.

Four years after his World Series win, Doyle retired to start a career as a coach. However, in the 1990s, he was diagnosed with leukemia and his health started to decline, particularly with regard to his bones. According to his family, it was the chemotherapy that caused his ever-worsening joint deterioration.

In 2013, the athlete completed an application for Social Security disability, but he was denied benefits twice. Then, his health got even worse when he contracted Parkinson's Disease. Now, even with these worsened disease conditions, the baseball player is still waiting to get approved for SSD benefits.

Sometimes it can take as much as nine months for an individual's Social Security claim for benefits to be decided. If it is necessary to appeal a denial of benefits after that, it can take another three months. If another appeal is required, it could take as long as 500 days to have the case decided. That is a total of 2.5 years of waiting -- and this is for people who do not have time for waiting on their hands. Indeed, the typical Social Security recipient needs their benefits and they need them now.

Doyle's attorney has requested the Social Security judge on his case to make an on-the-record decision, which means that the judge would rule on the matter without the need for a hearing. Whether or not the judge will agree to make such a decision remains to be seen.

Minneapolis residents may want to learn more about Social Security law and the difficulties that other people are facing, and to know that other people have thus far been unable to obtain the benefits they so desperately need and deserve. It can also be encouraging to know that others have faced similar challenges and managed to overcome them.

Source: FOX 5, "It's easier to win a World Series than get Social Security disability," Randy Travis, March. 12, 2015

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