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The government may owe military families

Military families often give up a lot in service of the government and the country. However, could the government now owe some of these families a lot of money in return?

In some cases, especially when a veteran has passed away, this could absolutely be the case. People usually assume that the person's death means that the benefits they may have been collecting have to stop. The reality, though, is that some of the benefits given out by the Department of Veterans Affairs or the benefits that have accrued over time may actually need to go to the surviving family members. This is not true in all cases, of course, but it is worth looking into.

One circumstance that can lead to a payout is if the veteran has put in the request and it got stuck in the pending process when the VA did not do enough to process it. If the person then died while that request was still waiting, the VA may still need to process it and pay benefits to the family.

Another example is if the VA itself made a mistake, leading to a denied claim that should have been approved. This may still be able to be approved if the mistake can be shown after the fact.

It is worth noting that the claim will need to be sent in no more than one year after the veteran passes away, so it is important to act fairly quickly. Make sure that you know exactly what legal options you have in Minnesota if you think the government owes you money.

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