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Physical impairment benefits in Minneapolis

Minneapolis residents who are suffering from a physical impairment that prevents them from earning over $1,000 per month for the duration of a year, or those who are suffering from a terminal physical impairment, could be able to gain approval for government disability benefits.

At Midwest Disability, PA, we assist individuals in preparing the necessary documentation to apply for the highest level disability benefits they are eligible for. Whether your impairment is mental or physical in nature, we may be able to get you the assistance you need to finance your daily living expenses.

Many of our clients are so severely debilitated that without our assistance, they would be physically or mentally unable to complete their disability applications on their own. However, even people who have the capacity to complete and file their disability applications may find that their claims are being denied -- even though they are rightfully entitled to benefits.

Sometimes, deficiencies related to a particular application for disability benefits are very easy to correct for a legal professional who is experienced with handling disability law matters. Indeed, even in cases where a claim has been denied multiple times, it may still be possible to obtain benefits by asserting one's rights in court. At Midwest Disability, PA, we have successfully obtained benefits for countless Minneapolis residents who had previously denied claims.

At our firm, we handle social security disability claims on a contingency fee basis, which means that you will not be responsible for paying us anything until -- and only if -- we are able to secure money and government benefits on your behalf.

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