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Social Security department has made it easier to file appeals

Millions of Americans depend on their Social Security disability money to pay for their everyday living costs, but not everyone deserving of benefits is able to get approved on his or her first try. This is when the appeals process is useful for challenging an inappropriate decision made by Social Security.

Now, the U.S. Social Security Department has made it easier than ever to file an appeal. SSD applicants who do not agree with the decision made on their Social Security application can now use the department's improved appeals process via the Internet.

Every month, 90,000-plus Americans use the Social Security Department's online portal to file an appeals application every month. Now applicants and their legal representatives will find the appeals process easier and simpler to navigate online. According to the Social Security Department, the upgrade will improve both the quality and speed of decisions made on appeals.

Some of the improvements found in the new system include easier site navigation, less requests for duplicate information and the option to complete the medical report and the Social Security disability appeal form at the same time. Supporting documents can also be uploaded electronically with the electronic appeal request.

On-screen messages are clearer and more concise, and on-screen help has also been improved. People living outside of the United States are also able to submit appeals via the system.

These improvements will make it much easier for individuals and their representatives to submit an appeals application. When on-screen prompts are not clear or are imprecise, it only results in greater challenges for success. As such, these upgrades to clearer and more concise prompts could also help individuals and their representatives to have a higher chance of success when submitting Social Security disability appeals.

Source: NRToday, "Social Security: Appeals now easier with online process," Alan Edwards, Aug. 23, 2015

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