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Social Security Disability Insurance for Minnesota residents

A successful application for Social Security benefits can help disabled Minnesota residents become financially independent. In most cases, if you suffer from a physical impairment that prevents you from generating over $1,000 a month in income for a year or more -- or if your physical condition will eventually result in death -- you might be able to qualify for disability assistance.

At Midwest Disability, just like our name implies, we help Minnesota residents qualify to receive government financial benefits for their disabilities. Some of the most common physical impairments we help people base their claims on include:

-- Musculoskeletal problems like degenerative bone conditions, paralysis, loss of limbs and back problems

-- Respiratory diseases like emphysema, asthma and mesothelioma

-- Cardiovascular issues like heart valve defects, heart attacks, stroke and chronic or fatal heart disease

-- Digestive problems like Crohn's disease, IBS, liver disease and pancreatitis

-- Neurological conditions like epilepsy, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's and traumatic brain injury

-- Immunological disorders like HIV and lupus

-- All types of cancer related issues.

The Social Security program offers a list of accepted disability conditions and most of them fall under the above categories. The easiest way to get qualified for benefits is to obtain an affirmative diagnosis from a qualified physician that you are suffering from a disease condition that appears on this list. However, even if your disease condition is not found on the list of accepted conditions, applicants may be able to qualify for benefits by proving that their condition or conditions are equal to or more severe than another impairment on the list.

At Midwest Disability, we offer free, no obligation consultations to disabled Minnesota residents. Even if you are too disabled to fill out the forms and gather your medical information and documentation of your disability, this is our job, and we are here to do whatever is necessary to seek the benefits you deserve.

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