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Does the Veterans Affairs Department need an upgrade?

A new report offers evidence that the Veterans Affairs Department is in need of an upgrade. The report says that if changes are not made soon, then many more veterans will be denied the VA benefits and medical care that they deserve.

The independent review was ordered by Congress last year. The study found that the VA department is plagued by bureaucratic inefficiencies, leadership problems and the department is experiencing unsustainable costs.

The study also found that the Veterans Affairs medical system is exceedingly difficult for veterans to navigate. Even worse, the veterans who are able to get medical care are receiving care at varying levels of quality. The quality of care is highly dependent on where the veteran is being treated, the study found. While this may not be a surprise to many veterans who have struggled through the VA system, it is particularly noteworthy that the Congressionally-ordered study has found conclusive evidence of these shortcomings.

Perhaps the evidence provided by this study will encourage politicians in Congress to consider upgrading the VA system, or better, instituting a complete overhaul of the department. In the meantime, though, Minnesota veterans must still make due with the system we have.

United States armed services veterans who are trying to get medical benefits that they deserve and require for their health may have the law on their side, but they might need to take legal action in order to assert their rights. Through the help of a qualified veterans benefits attorney, injured veterans can evaluate their situations and determine whether they have a viable case in this regard.

Source: Military Times, "Report: VA health care needs total overhaul," Patricia Kime, Sep. 22, 2015

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