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Expedited Processing

While Social Security Administration does its best to process your claim as quickly as possible, the large number of applicants often means long processing times. During the interim, claimants may risk losing their house, utilities, health insurance coverage, or other basic necessities.

Credibility at a Disability Hearing

If you have a hearing for Social Security Disability benefits, a decision on your case will involve more than just a simple "yes" or "no." The adjudicator must consider allegations of subjective complaints of pain or other symptoms, along with the rest of the relevant evidence on your case. One of the most important factors in deciding your case at the hearing will be your credibility.

Disability Benefits for Children

There are two ways children under 18 can receive disability benefits. The first is if the child is disabled, they might be eligible for supplemental security income (SSI) if they are medically eligible. Children can receive SSI benefits based on both mental and physical health impairments. Children's claims are different from adults' claims. The standard is not if a child can work; instead, children's claim are based on several "domains" of functioning and development that include both physical abilities and limitation and mental abilities and limitations. As with an adult disability claim, it is important to be able to show through medical records the child's diagnoses and symptoms. If a child is successful with a disability claim and receives back pay, the government has strict rules on what that back pay can be spent on. If a child is found disabled, they are usually re-evaluated by the federal government when they turn 18 under the adult guidelines for disability.

Helping veterans through Social Security benefits

Our nation recently celebrated Veterans' Day on behalf of the soldiers who have risked so much to preserve our freedom. In this respect, it is important to recognize the way the Social Security disability benefits program honors our veterans, too. The Social Security program is an excellent resource for injured war veterans who come home after battle with permanent disabilities, psychological issues and other medical issues.

Seeking disability benefits for depression and bipolar disorder

Depression and bipolar disorder are extremely debilitating mental conditions that can affect your ability to hold down a job and care for yourself. For this reason, Social Security disability benefits are awarded for people suffering from these conditions. Nevertheless, it should be noted that benefit approvals for bipolar conditions and depression are not entirely common.

Representing disabled veterans in Minnesota

This past week we celebrated Veterans' Day and the sacrifices that so many brave men and women have made on behalf of our country. However, there is a sad truth that lurks in the background of this important occasion: Numerous disabled American veterans are currently suffering to make financial ends meet and they are not able to get the medical and other benefits they are entitled to.

Obama and Prince Harry talk about veterans issues

Prince Harry recently met with Barack Obama and discussed veterans' issues at the White House. Before meeting with Obama, the Prince accompanied Michelle Obama and Jill Biden at the Fort Belvoir military base in Virginia, and met with wounded veterans who are receiving medical and rehabilitation care at the base.


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