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Expedited Processing

While Social Security Administration does its best to process your claim as quickly as possible, the large number of applicants often means long processing times. During the interim, claimants may risk losing their house, utilities, health insurance coverage, or other basic necessities.

Claimants may request that their file be designated "dire need" (DRND) under HALLEX I-2-1-40 A(5), but to do so will require supporting documentation. Evidence may include notification of eviction, imminent home foreclosure, discontinuation of utilities, or copies of estimated costs for needed medical treatment.

Other situations which qualify for expedited processing include evidence of a terminal illness (identified as "TERI") or evidence of a diseases or medical conditions which meet the Listing of Impairments under the compassionate allowances process (identified as "CAL" cases).

The Social Security Administration also offers expedited processing to veterans who have a 100% disability rating from the Veteran's Administration, or to current and former members of military under the Military Casualty/Wounded Warriors (MC/WW) program.

To see if your case qualifies for expedited processing, contact your disability attorney or authorized representative.

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