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Obama and Prince Harry talk about veterans issues

Prince Harry recently met with Barack Obama and discussed veterans' issues at the White House. Before meeting with Obama, the Prince accompanied Michelle Obama and Jill Biden at the Fort Belvoir military base in Virginia, and met with wounded veterans who are receiving medical and rehabilitation care at the base.

The trio also visited the USO Warrior and Family Center, which supports wounded veterans and their caregivers and family members. There, Prince Harry gave a public announcement about the Invictus Games, which will be held in 2016. The Prince said that the goal of the Invictus Games is to change preconceived notions about mental and physical injuries, such as post traumatic stress disorder, paralysis, or losing a limb.

The Prince said that people with these kinds of injuries need to be supported, so they have the courage to seek the help they need to overcome their injuries. He said that the stigma surrounding mental health conditions is one of the biggest challenges faced by wounded veterans. He said that it is not just veterans who have depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress -- but people from all social and economic categories.

In addition to meeting with Barack Obama, Michelle Obama and Jill Biden, Prince Harry also went to a board meeting for the Invictus Games in the home of the British Ambassador in Washington, D.C.

Brain injuries, post traumatic stress disorder, depression and other issues are more common than you might think among American servicemen and service women. Fortunately, those afflicted with such conditions can seek veterans' benefits to help them deal with and over come their injuries.

Source: Look to the Stars, "Prince Harry Discusses Veteran Issues With Barack Obama," Oct. 29, 2015

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