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Common questions about Social Security disability benefits

Minnesota Social Security disability recipients come to their Social Security disability attorneys with a lot of different questions. The answers to these questions may be simple and apply to everyone -- regardless of their situations. Alternatively, the answers may depend on the individuals' work histories, ages, marital statuses, income levels and how much they paid into the Social Security program in the past.

Veterans' Administration to buy exoskeleton legs for injured vets

Robot legs may soon help veterans with war-related injuries to walk again. The new technology is nothing short of miraculous, but being able to afford the $77,000 price tag for the devices will be difficult. Fortunately, the Department of Veterans' might be helping injured vets by footing the bill.

Avoid double-dipping on Social Security disability benefits

In the context of Social Security disability benefits, the term double dipping refers to instances when individuals are receiving an income that exceeds SSD thresholds, while at the same time receiving disability benefits. Social Security double-dipping is considered to be a type of fraud and it is punishable in criminal court.

Grab bars and handrails help disabled seniors stay independent

For disabled Americans, staying financially independent and physically able to carry out one's daily life needs is key. Social Security disability benefits can help with the financial part, but what about your physical ability to take care of yourself? Fortunately, there are things that you can add to your home right now that will make it safer and more accommodating as you grow older and less mobile: handrails and grab bars.

Government postpones Social Security disability doomsday

The Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015 was recently signed by President Barack Obama. The budget creates a plan for government spending that will be in effect for the next two years, and it also does away with the debt limit. Included in the budget are vital provisions that will extend the financial viability of the Social Security Disability Trust Fund and will do away with a Social Security retirement-claiming strategy.


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