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Education and career services benefits for veterans

Even a highly decorated veteran with decades of service will have a hard time becoming a civilian again. Indeed, even though it's a lot easier in many respects, the civilian world can be challenging to veterans who have grown accustomed to the regimented and highly organized life of military service. In this respect, benefits like the GI bill are not just a perk: they are a necessary part of transitioning back to the life of a civilian, which can be difficult.

The G.I. Bill, for example, offers different educational programs to veterans depending on their status of duty and eligibility. This bill provides specific financial aid, so veterans can earn an education that will serve them in the 'real' world.

In addition to the G.I. Bill, veterans can also benefit from the Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Program, which is also commonly called the "Chapter 31" program. It helps veterans who have suffered disabilities related to their service find a job that fits with their experience, training and abilities. The Chapter 31 program also helps veterans who cannot work with programs that enable them to live independently.

Finally, there is the Education and Career Counseling Program. This program helps veterans decide what they will do during their life after the armed services and what degrees and/or educational training they need to pursue their goals.

Minneapolis veterans are often unsure of their rights when it comes to educational and disability benefits. By speaking with a veterans' benefits attorney, people who served in the armed forces can gain a better sense of what they are eligible to receive in this regard.

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