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Getting SSD benefits for family members

Millions of Americans rely on Social Security disability benefits to pay for their monthly living expenses. What many people do not realize, however, is that the Social Security disability recipients themselves are not the only ones relying on this important government aid. Indeed, the family members of these benefits recipients are also reliant on disability money to survive in many cases. The government recognizes this fact, and for this reason, legal dependents of Social Security disability recipients may be eligible for additional benefits.

Dependent family members could be eligible to receive additional Social Security disability benefits of up to half the amount that the disabled person is receiving. This money can make a very big financial difference a family's life; therefore, it may behoove SSD recipients to seek such benefits.

At Midwest disability, we always analyze the full scope of our clients' medical conditions; we look at their family situations and their number of dependents; and we look at their current ability to hold down a job. By looking at all the facts of our clients' situations, we can assess the best strategy for pursuing Social Security disability benefits on their behalf. Always, our goal is to secure the maximum amount of benefits for which our clients are eligible.

If you are a disabled American, an

d you are not receiving disability benefits, you probably have a lot of questions about Social Security disability. You may even be wondering how you could afford an attorney to help you pursue this government aid. Fortunately, at Midwest Disability, we work with disabled persons no matter what their current economic situation happens to be.

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