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Can disabled children receive Social Security benefits?

A lot of Minneapolis parents of special needs children do not realize that their disabled child might be able to qualify for Social Security benefits. However, some disabled children under the age of 18 can qualify for special benefits through the Social Security Administration and its Supplemental Security Income program.

In order to determine eligibility for SSI benefits, the Social Security Administration will review the household income and resources of the family that cares for the disabled child -- if he or she lives at home. If the child benefits from a higher family income and more family resources, for example, the SSI benefits will be decreased and/or at a certain point they might not be awarded. If, for example, a disabled child has health insurance that covers him or her to be cared for in a medical facility, the monthly benefit from SSI will be limited to just $30.

In order for the Social Security Administration to qualify a child as disabled, the following criteria must be present: 1) the child cannot be earning over a certain level of income per month; 2) he or she must have a documented physical or mental condition that results in "marked severe functional limitations," 3) the condition must disable the child for a minimum of 1 year and/or it must be a fatal condition.

Even if a child appears to qualify for SSI benefits according to the above-referenced criteria, Minneapolis parents may benefit from legal assistance provided by an experienced Social Security benefits attorney. A disability benefits lawyer will know how whether benefits are worth pursuing and he or she will be able to guide parents regarding the most suitable fashion for applying for those benefits. An attorney can also help in appealing or re-submitting a benefits application that was previously denied.

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