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Cooperative Disability Investigations

The Cooperative Disability Investigations Unit (CDIU) investigates disability claims under Social Security Administrations Title II and Title XVI programs. The primary mission is to resolve questions of fraud on suspicious claims flagged by State disability examiners before they are paid. The CDI Unit also provides reports to disability examiners during continuing disability reviews (CDRs) of claims that are already being paid.

Using the Internet to Adjudicate Disability Claims

In this day and age, the Internet has become a ubiquitous and practical source of information for any investigator or finder of fact. When adjudicating a claim, however, an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) may not rely upon information obtained from the Internet or social media sites, whether from a computer or smartphone (Hallex I-2-5-69). Although the Internet has proven useful as a general source, any researcher should exercise caution when evaluating the credibility and veracity of information obtained from the Internet.

How much disability money should I expect from Social Security?

Before expecting any money for Social Security disability, Minnesota residents first need to file a successful application for benefits. This could be a very easy and straightforward process, or it could take time and a number of resubmissions and/or appeals -- and maybe even some litigation -- in order to get it right. However, when a claim for Social Security disability is approved, Minnesota residents can expect to receive a regular stream of monthly income.

Filing strategies for maximizing Social Security benefits

The Social Security system is very complicated. There are so many rules that Minnesota residents might not know what strategy is best for them, or they might not know what options are available to them given their unique circumstances. For example, let's say a 64-year-old man is considering waiting until he is 70 before filing for Social Security. Meanwhile, his wife is disabled and collecting Social Security disability. Would this man's best strategy be to wait until he is 70 before filing?

Minnesota Social Security benefits attorney

If you are suffering from back pain caused by nerve root compression, you may have a difficult time performing your job duties. Fortunately, you might be able to qualify for Social Security disability and SSI benefits as a result of your condition.

Applying for social security benefits

Americans receiving social security benefits for mental impairment and require help managing their finances should not have the right to bear arms according to the Obama administration. The presidential administration announced a new proposal last Thursday that would put millions more people on the banned gun owner list.


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