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Recommended Decisions

After a hearing before the Social Security Administration, the administrative law judge (ALJ) shall issue a written decision which gives the findings of fact and reasons for the decision. Although the ALJ will usually render a final decision, appealable only to the Appeals Council, the ALJ may also send the case directly to the Appeals Council with a recommended decision based on a preponderance of the evidence when appropriate. (The Appeals Council may also review any ALJ decision or dismissal within 60 days of the decision on its own motion). Conditions for a recommended decision may be appropriate where the case involves a novel issue of policy or procedure, or where the ALJ is attempting to comply with a remand order which is unusually vague. The ALJ must be able to articulate why a recommended decision is appropriate, and should not issue a recommended decision simply based on personal disagreement with agency policies, or merely to avoid issuing a decision on a particular case.

Survivor's Benefits

When a household suffers the loss of a family member, the impact on the survivors is often financial as well as emotional, especially if the family member was a wage-earner. If the worker was paying into the Social Security program, however, the survivors may be eligible for benefits. For Social Security, "survivors" include spouses, dependent children, and parents.

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