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Benefits are there to help you after you suffer an injury

If you struggle with post-traumatic stress disorder, you should be aware that you could qualify for Social Security benefits. Mental illnesses can be devastating to your life, and they should be considered a disability just like any other injury.

As a veteran of the military, you have the right to obtain VA disability as well as Social Security disability. Both are awarded simultaneously, which is legal under U.S. law.

Before you can qualify for Social Security benefits, you need to be out of work for at least six months. At that point, it could take another three months for your benefits to be approved and you begin to receive payments. It could be over a year in some cases. You should receive back pay for the time it took from the approval until you received your first check, up to a year's worth of pending payment time.

Determining disability is the first step you need to take. The Social Security Administration determines disability by seeing how much you earn. If you earn over $500 a month, then you usually can't be considered to be disabled. This amount varies each year, so it's important to check the administration's page to be certain of current limits.

If your condition is severe, which means it interferes with work-related activities, then your claim should be considered. A List of Impairments is held by the SSA, which identifies currently accepted impairments. Interestingly, PTSD is not on this list. In the Mental Disorder section, you can find that Anxiety Related Disorders section that has symptoms of PTSD your doctor can identify for the agency.

Qualifying for these benefits shouldn't be difficult, but many people are denied on the first try. Using your attorney for help can make it easier to appeal that decision and get the benefits you need. Our website has more information.

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