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How can children get Supplemental Security Income?

The Social Security Administration does issue Supplemental Security Income for children in some cases. Typically, the child in question must suffer from a serious disability or blindness. Vision impairment, if bad enough, also counts for those trying to qualify for SSI.

Who qualifies as a child according to the Social Security Administration?

A child is anyone under the age of 18 or under 22 when attending school regularly. The child may not be married or be the head of household.

How can a child become eligible for SSI?

A child can be eligible for SSI disability benefits if he or she is blind or disabled. The child can qualify for SSI benefits from the day he or she is born; there is no minimum age requirement for recipients. When the child reaches the age of 18, disability for adults may be provided if the child still qualifies.

What are the criteria for blind or disabled children?

If the impairment may last for at least 12 months or is expected to result in death, if the child is blind or meets the definition of being blind or if the child is under 18 and has severe physical or mental impairments that limit them functionally, then he or she qualifies as disabled or blind.

Navigating the Supplemental Security Income and Social Security Disability processes can be difficult, which is why many people work with an attorney. Filling out documents and keeping documentation of your illness is important to making sure you can get the money you need from the Social Security Administration; you should not have to live without it when you qualify by law.

Source: Social Security Administration, "Supplemental Security Income (SSI) for Children," accessed July 20, 2016

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