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Qualifying for Social Security Disability due to blindness

Social Security Disability benefits can be somewhat complicated, and applying can be tedious. Making mistakes on your paperwork can mean you have to appeal a denial, and that can cost you time and money. If you're living with low vision or are blind, your attorney can help you seek out the compensation you need from the Social Security Administration. You are who these funds are designated for.

Did you know that you could be entitled to disability benefits even if you aren't blind?

You could be able to qualify based on the level of your vision problems alone or if they, combined with other health problems, keep you from working. For example, if you are partially blind and deaf, you may not be able to work a typical job. That in itself may help you qualify for disability benefits to help you bring in an income to support yourself.

What does your eyesight need to be to qualify as blind?

According to the Social Security Administration, you're considered to be blind if your vision is unable to be corrected to better than 20/200 in the least disabled eye or if you have a visual field of 20 degrees or less in the least disabled eye.

Do I need to have worked to qualify for disability benefits?

Yes, you will have needed to have worked long enough to pay Social Security taxes, but for Supplemental Security Income, you may qualify without having a history of work. Your income and related resources will need to be under a certain dollar amount to qualify for this assistance. If you have questions, your attorney can help you break down your case and make sure you can qualify.

Source: Social Security Administration, "If You're Blind or Have Low Vision, How We Can Help," accessed July 29, 2016

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