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Does Social Security Disability cover skin conditions?

One kind of disorder that may be covered by Social Security benefits include skin disorders. The skin disorders can be acquired through disease or as a result of congenital or hereditary factors. The impairments covered in the listing by the Social Security Administration range from photosensitivity disorders to burns.

When you want to make a claim for a skin disorder, you need to have your condition evaluated by the Social Security Administration. The SSA will ask when the condition was first noticed, where it's located, its size, the appearance of lesions and a full history of any exposure to toxins or irritants. If you have access to laboratory findings, this evidence should be submitted to the SSA.

The severity of a skin disorder is determined by looking at how often you suffer from flare-ups of the disorder, the size and severity of lesions and the severity of symptoms. How you're limited by the disease or disorder is also considered together with the treatment options.

If you have extensive skin lesions on the palms, for instance, the fine motor movements of your hands and fingers could be affected. On the feet, these lesions could make it hard to walk. The severity of pain you suffer is an important factor when looking at the overall skin condition.

If treatment is possible, the SSA will need to review how effective it is and if it helps improve your condition. It may take three months or longer to diagnose the skin disorder and prescribe a treatment. Once that takes place, you and your attorney can submit your documents to the SSA for approval of your benefits.

Source: Social Security Administration, "Skin Disorders," accessed Aug. 03, 2016

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