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New proposal may help the disabled get back to work

When you are left with a disability, the last thing on your mind is working. You want to recover and start to feel better. As time goes on, it's likely that you'll be able to work again. Sometimes, it's hard to return to work, though. The positions open to you may be few, or you may have special needs. The limits the Social Security Department puts on earnings can make it hard to have the safety net you need, too.

An Aug. 3 report states that a new plan has been introduced to Congress that would help those with disabling conditions enter back into the workforce. The plan, called the Social Security Disability Insurance Return to Work Act, would institute temporary benefits and work incentives for those who have disabling conditions that may improve in the future.

Currently, the SSD program doesn't set expectations of those using it; that means many people with minor conditions or who have temporary disabilities don't ever return to work. The goal of this program is to make sure those who really need the program have access to it by reducing the number of people using it for life-long benefits.

This act would help provide temporary benefits to those who need them, but then it would allow them to earn above the substantial gainful activity threshold without losing all of their temporary benefits. Before, working too many hours or earning too much would force someone off disability, even if they still needed it.

This is a new plan, and it may not be enacted for some time. Your attorney can keep you up to date on the plan and when or if it applies to your case.

Source: The Daily Signal, "Finally, a Proposal to Help Disability Beneficiaries Return to Work," Romina Boccia, Aug. 03, 2016

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