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What has to happen for a person to be considered disabled?

Sometimes, people assume that those on disability don't work to earn that money. The truth is that Social Security disability is a social insurance program. This program is paid for when you work, so if you work for 10 years and then have to go on Social Security disability, you've been paying into the program in exchange for insurance protection. If you can no longer work because of a disability, then the program is there to help you replace some of your lost income. Often the help of an attorney is critical to receiving these deserved benefits.

Retirement benefits and your disability payments: Never fear

If you receive Social Security Disability payments for your injury from work or other causes, how your retirement will be affected by those payments may be a concern for you. Here are some facts you should know.

Apply for Supplemental Security Income with the right help

If you're planning to apply for supplemental security income, then you need to visit the Social Security Administration's website or call them for an appointment. The application is available online, but an appointment gives you a chance to discuss your documents and even bring your attorney with you.

Social Security's Work History Report Form

In the process of filing for social security disability benefits, claimants are asked to fill out many forms. Some are simple, like a release of information that requires just a signature and witness. Others, like a Work History Report form [SSA-3369-BK] and Function Report-Adult form [SSA-3373-BK] are much more extensive and require a lot of thought and effort for each claimant.


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